Holly Laugle
Partner, Agency Services

Both partners started their advertising careers at the same Louisville agency when they were fresh out of college, (although Charlie moved on about a month before Holly started there!). Their paths crossed again years later at another agency, where they worked together on large national accounts and numerous other regional brand and direct clientsHolly on the brand side of the house and Charlie focusing more heavily on the direct response side. Over a 10 year period they both advanced to VP level positions and gained the deep experience and specialized skills necessary to lead their teams in developing and managing complex national and regional campaigns. 


Today their paths intersect for a third time as partners at ilex. Do they sometimes finish each others sentences? Yeah, it happens. Do their skills and knowledge perfectly complement each other to create value and success for their clients. Absolutely! 


Leading the charge
Charlie Rohlfing
Partner, Creative Services

Media Services

Sherry Grummel heads up our media department.  Holly and Charlie first met her back in 2005 and the three worked along side each other for several years.  Knowing creative and strategy are only parts of the equation for successful campaigns, it was extremely important that ilex also have a strong media component.  Sherry's many years experience in both direct response and general media, her creative thinking in the media space overall and her ability to effectively lead a team as we serve our clients, made her a perfect fit for us.  There was no doubt who the right person was to lead our media team. 


Director of Marketing

What I love most about working with ilex is the personal touch. I feel like the ilex team is an extension of our marketing department...

The team at ilex is professional and enjoyable to work with. They always come with their A game...

Courteous, professional, focused, and committed to their clients - - every agency could learn from them!

What it's like to work with us

Information Technology



Vendor Partner

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