Marketing isn’t a science. Biology, that’s a science. Marketing is a collaborative experience between you, us and your customers.


lex Marketing builds branding and lead generation campaigns designed to help you connect with the right people. Our experience as marketers combined with your experience and knowledge in your industry, results in better, long-term creative strategies.


Because we’re smarter together


Our staff is comprised of industry experts with decades of marketing experience. Through each stop along the way, we have learned the true importance of customer service and working along side our clients. In fact, experience has taught us that the best answers and solutions have always come through clear collaboration and open communication with our clients in healthcare, education, IT solutions, retail, banking, dining and more. 

Collaboration.  It's that simple.


Our brand and direct marketing campaigns are hard working and efficient. We reach people and get them to take action. And we do it without unnecessary buzzwords and so-called “proprietary” processes, because you can’t trademark real interactions that lead to results and brand engagement. We are always working toward the most direct and straightforward path to successful campaigns.


The shortest distance is always a straight line.


Director of Marketing

What I love most about working with ilex is the personal touch. I feel like the ilex team is an extension of our marketing department...

The team at ilex is professional and enjoyable to work with. They always come with their A game...

Courteous, professional, focused, and committed to their clients - - every agency could learn from them!

What it's like to work with us

Information Technology



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